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Witchy x Angelcore: Raw crystal jewelry in two different aesthetics

If you 're looking for the perfect jewelry to complete your angel core or witch y aesthetic , then raw crystal jewelry is the perfect accessory . It's very 70s, and here's some 70s inspo . Raw crystal jewelry is an easy way to incorporate the beauty of nature into your look while also expressing your unique style . Raw crystals are known for their healing properties and can be used to promote positive energy and growth . For an angel core aesthetic , you can use raw crystal jewelry to give your look a light and air y feel . Choose jewelry featuring crystals like quartz and angel ite to bring in feelings of peace and harmony . You can also add in some rose quartz for extra healing vib es and to make your look more delicate and feminine . If you 're going for a witch y aesthetic , then you can use raw crystal jewelry to bring in more da

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